Why is civilization important?

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Civilization has such a complex and broad meaning that many people may actually refer to different things when talking about it.  Being “civilized” may mean one thing for one person but may actually have a different meaning for others.  Most people, though, consider civilization as a process or development involving humans in terms of the way they live, the way people do things, and including the way people organize.  Others also define civilization along the terms of the material progress achieved by mankind in terms of labor, science, and/or technology.  But with all these references to civilization, one will be able to grasp the idea that it is an important part of people’s lives.  Knowing the activities and processes of the past is very essential as it serves as a form of guide in doing things at present times.

Other people also relate civilization with culture. With this correlation, civilization can be taken as something to do with human society and people’s basic way of life.  In ancient times, people were forced to hunt for food and gather supplies to literally prepare for rainy days ahead.  Over centuries and decades, people have found ways to better communicate with each other, to organize groups for different purposes, and to acquire things through the concept of paying for goods and services.  Along with the developments in these aspects, mankind also gained more knowledge over time.  Knowledge and experience gained in the past was utilized in inventing new things, improving existing processes, and finding better ways for everyone.  With all these things coming from previous civilizations, it is clear that people consider it an important part of the present lives we all have today.  Without the lessons of the past, people today would have a harder time coping up with what’s going on in the world.

Author: Hari M

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