Why is Cleveland Called The Browns?

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Why is Cleveland Called The Browns?

There were reasons why football teams have their monikers or nicknames. Aside from the place where the team belongs, there is still an additional label being given for better recognition of the team.

Sometimes, it’s the second name that is being remembered because of its uniqueness. There is a history behind a name for Cleveland Browns, they also have a story to tell why they are called Browns.

Brown does not refer to the color of the players’ skin or head but it was named after its head coach Paul Brown. He coached the team for almost 14 years (1946-1962).

When Arthur McBride had his rights with the Cleveland (He was known to be the buyer of the AAFC team Cleveland in 1945.), he decided to run a contest name the team. The contest was posted in a newspaper with a prize of $1,000 war bond. There were a lot of entries and almost all who joined suggested Browns”. The coach at that time, Paul Brown, where the name was derived is having second thoughts because he felt that it is inappropriate to name the team after him. Because of this, the winning name was given to the entry that listed Panthers” . During that time, there was already an existing semi-pro team named Cleveland Panthers. Because of this, Brown has no choice but to agree that his name will be used for the team. From then Cleveland football team players are known as Browns”.

Unfortunately, the name Browns was changed in 1996 because the owner, Art Modell, brought the team to Baltimore. The team was named Ravens which was again chosen because of the survey results. It was in 1999 that the team came back to Cleveland because of expansion. With this, the name Browns” was back.

Paul Brown, the person who started it all, was chosen as Football Hall of Famer in 1967.

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