Why is Cloverfield called Cloverfield?

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Cloverfield refers to a film released back in 2008 by producer J.J. Abrams.  The story for this movie was written by Drew Goddard and on the director’s chair is Matt Reeves.  This movie presents the story of several youngsters who live in New York who are living normal lives.  One fateful day, a huge monster attacks the city of New York which is dubbed as Cloverfield. With such a title involving a movie with monsters, many people have often wondered why the film is titled Cloverfield.  At the start of the film, Cloverfield was referred to as the “former Central Park”.  Fans of the movie are not satisfied with being given a flat-out clue on the supposed name of New York or an area in New York.  With the longing to dig deeper into the reason for the movie name or title, many have eventually found out that the “Cloverfield” name was supposedly a code name for this particular movie project. While the movie is still being developed, the people behind it wanted to have some kind of code name for it to keep things private and confidential.  The name Cloverleaf was said to have come from a street name near the office where the film producer J.J. Abrams was working.  The project was then given the codename “Cloverleaf” with no definite title during pre-production.  Days went on and the so-called “Cloverleaf” project was leaked to some people on the internet.  This particular leak eventually led to increased hype for the movie project. By the time the movie was about to be released, the producers eventually decided to stick with the Cloverleaf title so as not to disappoint fans and to keep the hype and anticipation very high.

The Cloverleaf movie ended up as a huge success for both critics and fans.  Across various platforms, the movie garnered favorable reviews with some giving it their highest rating.  In terms of box-office success, Cloverleaf became one of the most successful films that were released for the month of January.  Worldwide gross of the film reached 170 million making it a successful movie that lived to its hype and pre-marketing campaign.

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