Why is coal important?

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Coal is the energy source that is affordable as well as reliable. After the Industrial Revolution took place in the 1800s, coal has been a major source of energy. Until now, coal was evaluated as the most common source of electricity all over the world. Coal manufacturing is also considered important in this industry. Coal is formed from decayed plants and animals that existed millions of years ago, and they dried out and became hard resulting in coal that is rich in carbon. The weight of the dirt and water that was present in the top layers created a lot of pressure on the bottom layers of the living matter for a few million years. This pressure will aid in the formation of coal that constitutes carbon.

Coal is beneficial in its use in power generation. It is statistically estimated that about 40 percent of the electricity in the whole world is made from coal. It is also found that countries such as Germany and the United States were generating electricity mostly from coal. Coal is used in the manufacturing industry. Coal is useful in the manufacture of products such as steel, tar, petroleum, and synthetic rubber.

The iron ores in the iron industries are melted using coke ovens. The carbon residue of coal in the form of coke is used as a fuel for smelting metals.  The industries like: limestone, paper, cement, and brick  use coal to make products. Coal is a very abundantly available energy resource which is inexpensive compared to other energy sources like wind and solar energies. Coal mining is an opportunity for many employees to work for it. Coal trading has brought money to the countries. Steaming coal is known to be useful in the manufacture of cement. The production of steel is carried out by coking coal combined with 10 percent of anthracite coal. Domestic coal is used in households for cooking purpose as well as for heating purposes. Hence, coal is very important in many aspects.

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