Why is Coca Cola called Coke?

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Why is Coca Cola called Coca Cola?

Coca Cola also called as Coke for short is one of the most popular soft drinks in the world now. The history of Coca Cola began in 1886 when John Pemberton, a pharmacist, is trying to experiment a cure for headache. He created a liquid tonic which was mixed with tap water to be sold to sick customers.

An accident had happened which made Coca Cola to what it is right now. An ailing customer ordered the syrup but instead of mixing it with water, he accidentally mixed it with carbonated water. When the customer drank the mixture, it was delicious and refreshing.

That was the start of Coca-Cola. The name came from the main ingredients Cocaine Leaves and Kola nuts. Pemberton combined the two names to form Coca-Kola, Coca from Cocaine and Kola from Kola nuts.

However, Frank Robinson, the bookkeeper of Pemberton suggested to use 2 C’s so instead of Coca Kola it was changed to Coca-Cola since it would look better in advertising. Mr. Robinson then created the unique flowing script of Coca Cola which is considered as the most renowned logo of a certain product.

It was noted that one of the main ingredients of Coke is Cocaine which is bad for the health. Before, cocaine was not thought to be a harmful drug that’s why it was added to the mixture. In 1985, a new Coke was introduced using a new formula. This happened because Cocaine which is the main ingredient of Coke was prohibited. However, customers demanded to bring back the original flavor. Now, Coke does not use Cocaine anymore but instead add extra sugar. With that, Coke came back with the name Coca-Cola Classic.

The popularity of Coca Cola began to rise as customers crave for Coke. With its promotional methods, Coca-Cola is not only famous for its refreshing taste but also with its creative advertising.

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