Why is Coke called Coke?

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Why is Coke called Coke?

Coke is the other name of Coca Cola. Coca Cola has got its name from its ingredient which is not used in this drink now called Cocaine. When the coke was initially introduced cocaine was observed as cure-all and wonder drug. Cocaine was a component of medicines as well as toothpaste. Coke was named as such by a person called John Styth Pemberton in 1886. He was a former confederate army officer and an Atlanta druggist. Coca Cola consists of three parts as coca leaves and one part of cola nut. When this soft drink was initially released, it had cocaine which was considered as a benign substitute for alcohol.
Coke was considered earlier as the medicine for curing nervous problems like sick headache, neuralgia, hysteria, melancholy and so on. The coke was called by some people as dope and coke trucks as dope wagons. From 1890s onwards the opinion of people on cocaine turned out to be bad. This was not liked by the blacks as they were crazy about this drug cocaine and they started racial violence. Later cocaine was observed to have connection with black crime and a legal action against Coca Cola was ordered. After this incident, Coke was prepared with processed Coca leaves than with fresh leaves. This made the cocaine to be removed from the leaves before they were processed for the manufacture of this soft drink.
The company also ceased to advertise the drink as a cure for ailments. It started advertising it as just a refreshing beverage. The flavor of Coke now is not the result of just the Coca/Cola combination but also mixture of certain oils and flavors added to it which included Merchandise 7X. Different regions of English speaking people use various names for the soft drinks. The southwest, northeast of United States and St. Louis area call it as soda; while the northwest and Midwest people used to call it as pop; people in south call it as coke. In order to re-energize, the Coca-Cola brand and cola category in the United States, market the earlier brand name as New Coke” that was renamed as Coca-Cola classic”.

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