Why is Coke Zero bad for you?

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Why is Coke Zero bad for you?

People had been warned time and again that drinking too much soda is bad for the health as it can cause diabetes, caffeine dependence (which is also viewed to dehydrates the body), tooth decay, obesity, and weakened bones. Although these are said to be all based on assumptions, it is enough to make one think of a better alternative drink to reduce the risks.

Apparently, even the soda producers are aware of these ongoing concerns which is probably why they offer the public a supposedly guilt free drinks, and one of them is Coke Zero.

Coke Zero is generally advertised as having the same Coke taste and look but with zero sugar or zero calories. Sounds healthy indeed, however there are those who think that even Coke Zero is bad for one’s health and this is due to its content.
Among Coke Zero’s many ingredients, acesulfame potassium, aspartame, and sodium cyclamate have been the subject of ongoing health controversies of the said product. These substances are primarily used as artificial sweeteners but are viewed to be hazardous to one’s health.
For one, aspartame is said to cause anxiety, birth defects, blindness, depression, headaches, memory loss, methanol toxicity, multiple sclerosis, seizures, spasms, shooting pains, systemic lupus, and death. This is based in an undocumented claims made by anti-aspartame activist Betty Martini. However, the said health risks of aspartame as food additive undergone different studies and were dismissed by various government, and major health and food safety organizations worldwide. Nonetheless, there are still who thinks negatively.
Secondly, sodium cyclamate and acesulfame potassium are said to be carcinogenic. Sodium cyclamate in particular has been banned in many countries like the U.S. (since 1969), Australia, Belgium, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and many others. Most recently in 2008 and 2009, Mexico and Venezuela consecutively prohibited the production of the Coke Zero because of the use of sodium cyclamate.

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