Why is Computer Literacy important?

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Why is Computer Literacy important?

Computer Literacy refers to having the skills and the knowledge to use computers competently. Computer Literacy also implies that one is comfortable with using computer software and other applications that are related to the computer. Another important part of being computer literate is to know how the computer functions and operates. As of 2005,people having basic computer skills are considered very important assets in developed countries.

First world and developing countries consider computer literacy to be a very vital skill to acquire. Employers desire their workers to possess basic computer skills because their companies are becoming more technologically advanced. The computers help them to run their companies efficiently and cost effectively.

With the influence and essentiality of becoming computer literate individuals, people now regard that living without computer skills would now be unimaginable. People rely much on computers on the amount of work they can accomplish.

Benefits of being Computer Literate

1. Computer literacy helps increase productivity in the work place. People who possess computer skills make themselves more marketable. Everyone needs a computer to do basic tasks such as reports, documentation of records, etc.

2. Computer literacy helps to increase workers value especially when they are trained at a higher level of computer skills such as programming, web development, hardware maintenance, program development, database management, network administration, and many other related skills.

3. Computer literacy opens more doors to various opportunities to access greater resources. If a company manages a work force that possesses a high level of computer literacy, then the company will be exposed to more opportunities to increase business.

4. Computer literacy especially in the work force helps one acquire a greater level of control over the assets, because the work force will know what to do. This enables one to incorporate more business operations and processes that utilize more advanced technologies because the workforce has a high level of computer literacy.

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