Why is Computer Science Important?

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Why is Computer Science Important?

A computer is an instrument that is used to do all the complex calculations that you are interested in with less time and a reliably high speed. Since its invention, several programmes and packages were prepared in order to be used with a computer for carrying out user-defined tasks. The use of Microsoft office today is just the follow-up to the word pad which again evolved from the word star. These were the sequence of packages that were evolved gradually to create a document in a computer. Similarly, to perform an important calculation in mathematics, to do the necessary job required in the business, to aid in various official operations of government, to help people in the agricultural sector, to help the scientific community in all fields, and for many more purposes, the use of the computer has become compulsory now.
It is understood that the use of the computer has become a necessity in almost all the fields. Even its use can be observed in a grocery shop. To test our eyes, doctors make use of a software to check the eye sight. The usage of computers in medicine and forensic science has become so extensive that we tend to get fast help now by computerized testing methods. Computers give us very quick services from banking organizations. It has become easy for the bank officials to process our transactions very fast and maintain our accounts online. One cannot deny the tremendous and magnificent applications of Internet.
As the applications of computers in various fields are increasing day by day, it is definitely important for us to concentrate on computer science. Every computer-using person irrespective of his being a computer science student or not, is supposed to train himself in at least a single package or programme that he is uses on the computer. With the enhanced significance of computers globally, the development of computers and the evolution in their hard ware and software is really challenging. Hence, the study of computers and the development of computer science are very important.

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