Why is Congress Bicameral?

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Why is Congress Bicameral?

A congress to be bicameral means there are two legislative chambers. In Latin, bi means two and camera means chamber.

Bicameral structure of congress in the US is divided into two: the senate and the House of Representatives. In this system, each state is allowed to have two senators and the House of Representatives will depend on the proportion of the state population and the representatives for each state.

Bicameral legislature had been favored by the founding fathers of the US because it is helpful to the political system of the US. This system was already practiced way back in the history of US. This was actually influenced by the British Parliament having two houses. The US found that this system is better because there are a lot of ideas being shares if the houses are split into two. This can help the senate and the congress become smarter in making decisions.

This bicameral congress theory is also implemented because there is a need for honesty and balance in a certain political system. A unicameral legislature might be bias and can cause monopoly. Having two houses would mean having a sense of stability because there is a group that checks and balances the system. Bicameral congress also prevents too much power of a certain group. If there are two houses, it can be assured that somebody would check the authority of another group. There is lesser greed fro authority and supremacy.

Having bicameral congress is also practical for a political system that involves too many constituents such as the United States. Since there are a lot of states and people to be managed, having leaders for each state is much more convenient and manageable. There is enough representation for each state so there is a privilege for each to be heard. There is equal opportunity and proportional representation which can be essential to achieve progress for the nation.

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