Why is Cursing bad?

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Why is cursing bad?

Today, cursing or swearing has become the initial response to anger, fear, surprise, frustration and pressure. We hear people cursing and saying bad words almost anywhere. For some people, cursing has become a habit that we even hear them swear with every word they say.

This habit originated a long, long time ago when people are telling genuine ‘curses’ on each other. For example the word damn” which means you are condemning someone to some unwanted state. Whether you tell it to someone or just blurted it out, it’s still unhealthy to say this kind of word as you don’t have any right to curse anyone despite of your anger or whatever emotion you are in.

Swearing on the other hand originated from using blasphemous words like ‘bloody hell’ directing to the Blood of Jesus or ‘bugger and sod’ referring to the heinous behaviour of the people of Sodom and Gomorrah. Other bad words include the famous F-word”, sh!t”, m-f!@%^$”etc.

As popular as it may seem, swearing or cursing is not healthy when used improperly. Although it is also true that almost all people do utter curses of their own no matter what race, religious belief, age, economic status, culture and ethnicity. It just depends on what words they use, the way they say it, and to whom they are saying it. Most people, in order to avoid them, they replace it with other words which are less blasphemous.

Cursing is a bad habit because it is always and I mean always, taken as something offensive even if you just accidentally blurted it out. It is also not good if you want to portray a good image to others. Most people don’t like to mingle with what we call as trashtalkers”. Another thing, it denotes a person’s lack of class, intelligence, good-manners, self control over their mouth and their lack of emotional self-control.

In general, cursing is bad which is why up until now, it is labelled as a foul language because first of all, cursing means you desire harm to come to that person. Always remember that words are not just words. They have power especially when accompanied by sudden burst of emotion. So choose your words wisely.

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