Why is cyclosis a crucial cellular function?

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Cyclosis refers to the streaming of the liquid parts of the cytoplasm within the cell. This process is also called cytoplasmic streaming since it involves the streaming of cytosol which is the cytoplasm’s liquid component.  Through the help of the substance called actin, cyclosis can take place in various plant and fungal cells. The basic importance of cyclosis in cellular function is that it allows for the literal streaming and transfer of various components from one place to another within a particular cell.

Components that may be transported to different parts of the cell may be nutrients and metabolites.  This process alone is very crucial in terms of cellular function and survival.  Without adequate nutrients, cells may not be able to effectively function and do what they are supposed to do. And when cells are not functioning well, they may die and cause a disturbance in other neighboring cells. In terms of metabolites, some parts of the cell may have too much of a particular component and so the natural tendency is that components will move from a higher concentration area to a lower concentration area. In this way, metabolites will be scattered more evenly across a particular cell, and this process is only possible if cyclosis is taking place.  In the case of plants, for example, the component called chloroplasts are transported to areas where they can most benefit, and that is the area where they can receive the most sunlight. Plants need the light of the sun in order to facilitate their internal process called photosynthesis. This internal process is what helps plant cells perform their tasks and do various activities. Without the help of cyclosis, chloroplasts will have a hard time getting energy from the sunlight.

Other components that also stream along with various nutrients, metabolites, and organelles may also contain very important genetic material. Genes represent the core of every living thing, and the process of building up genetic material is assisted within the cell through the cytoplasmic streaming process otherwise known as cyclosis.

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