Why is Dally a hero?

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Why is Dally a hero?

Dallas Dally” Winston is one of the main characters created by Susan Eloise Hinton in her novel titled The Outsiders” (1967). The novel is viewed to be one of the most controversial books that was ever written and was banned from several libraries and schools because of its depiction of family dysfunction, gang violence, underage drinking and smoking, use of slang” and other offensive languages.

Dally is described in the novel as the roughest, temperamental, and ruthless member among the gang of Greasers”. He was a juvenile delinquent, chain smoker, takes pleasure in being a criminal, and a product of life’s unfortunate events that forced him to harden himself for survival. He was considered by Ponyboy Curtis as tougher, colder, and meaner”. His physical appearance even adds to his character as having ice cold eyes that reflect a deep hatred for the world”.

In contrast to his character, Dally is considered a hero in the novel because of some notable instances that showed the lighter side of his personality. In some level, Dally exhibits a brotherly connection with Johnny Cade and the rest of the gang. He gives importance to brotherhood that he was willing to risk his own life for the protection of his fellow Greasers.

Dally was primarily a hero to Johnny and Ponyboy. When Johnny unintentionally killed Bob of the Socs”, Johnny and Ponnyboy turned to Dally for help. Dally, without hesitation, helped the two Greasers by giving them gun, money and told them about an abandoned place where they can hide. Another instance that Dally saved both Johnny and Ponnyboy was in the church fire that happened where the two boys were hiding. Dally got his arm burned up in rescuing Johnny who was then covered by the debris of the blazing church. Truly, it was Johnny who was able to bring out the best qualities of Dally which is why when Johnny passed away; Dally was so devastated that he chose to end his life but not through suicide. Dally died in the novel pulling out a bluff gun towards the cops who then shot him. Dally died fearless.

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