Why is Dance important?

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Why is Dance important?

Dance is an art by which everyone can express the emotions. Among all other artists, dancers were found to be defending the choice of their career. They also must fight for their recognition in the education than other artists. The art of learning dance through movement of the body and limbs does not appear to be as important in American culture. It is said that as we bother very less about our bodies, the more critical becomes our health. As the art of dance is recognized very less, gradually the marginalization of this art form will be done. The medium of the dance form is human body. Dance involves movement of human body to make the art form live and be fit & healthy.

Dance being another art form like music has energy to make us to get relaxed when we are under stress. Any art form will have the power to reduce stress in us and bring down all the emotional and sensitive feelings. Art form fills happiness, courage and confidence in us. It is just not saying, when every one of us experiences these ourselves, and then we can believe in it.

The art of dancing suppresses the anger and sadness in our mind. There are so many dance forms depending on the location from where they were originated. This makes us to know about the various cultures that exist all over the world in every corner. The culture of a region can be embodied in any of the art forms and dance also can do that.

Dancing helps us to exercise and keep our body fit. Dancing will make us to feel fresh and happy. Dancing is important because this art form especially makes us to express ourselves without speaking out using a language unlike in music. The art forms in general make us grow spiritually and raise our soul every moment when we are in touch with the art forms. Even dancing teaches us a lot and will enrich us with spiritual knowledge.

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