Why is Democracy the best form of Government?

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election-978904_640Why is Democracy the best form of Government?

It is a form of government on which the power lies to the masses (majority of people). The term came from the Greek word ‘dmokrat­a, which means ‘power of the people or rule of the people,. The best description for Democracy is the freedom of choice. Everyone has equal rights for their beliefs and is protected by the constitution.

When electing a representative (president) everyone can vote and voice out their opinions. The ‘majority rule, states that the decision of the majority will always prevail over the minority. Still, the rights of the minority is still addressed and observed within the boundaries of the constitution.

Democracy involves these types of freedom:

– Freedom of the Press
– Freedom of Political Expression
– Freedom of Speech
– Freedom of Choice

Democracy may not be the perfect system of government, but it is considered the best compared to other types of government. Since the power lies on the masses, all the decisions are made for the ‘Greater/Common Good,. Everyone is encouraged to voice out their opinions and vote for what they believe is right. Whether they are the majority or the minority, the belief revolves around the logic ‘IF many think it is the right thing to do, then that mean its right,. You may not accept it for what it really is, but still the fact remains that what other people think makes all the difference.

The most unique characteristic of Democracy is probably the ‘Freedom of Speech,. In a Democratic Government, the people can criticize their leaders and demand immediate action to issues regarding their political government. This ‘voicing out of opinions, can help address the needs of the people and proper action can be taken if the elected representative (president) approves of their claim.

The media also have the freedom to inform the masses, about the latest move or laws the government makes and serves as the bridge between the people and the government on certain occasions.

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