Why is Demonoid down?

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Why is Demonoid down?

Some of you may or may not be using the ‘Demonoid, website. It is a website that people can access to upload and download bit torrent files. It was created by a Serbian that only goes by the pseudonym ‘Deimos and Zajson,. It is a very popular website and is believed to be the second largest when it comes to bitTorrent tracking services, ranked 403rd as the most popular website by Alexa.

People that access the site are able to download and upload books, music and free softwares. Demonoid bans people that upload pornographic materials and viruses that can harm its users. This is not the first time for the site to go offline. It happened around September 2009, it went offline when the system experienced power outages that slowed the system. Their operations resumed on November 5 and the site returned on December 13.

Registration for the services of Demonoid is not always open to the public. Sometimes people can only register is they are invited by a current member. Invitations can be done through codes that their original accounts on the website can generate. Although users can invite other members, the invitation is limited to ensure that the site runs in ‘its full potential,. It keeps track of users upload/download ratios (the difference between how much users ‘share, and ‘take, on the website).

Due to real life issues, the administrator ‘Deimos, stepped down and gave the reigns to one of his most trusted friends. Although the core staff didn’t change much, the new administrator began his work on April 10, 2008. There has been an announcement on April 16 2008, that the site is finally back online. The Demonoid server is located in Ukraine.

During April this year (2010) the site went down again. Many people claims that they can access the site but things slow paced, some of them didn’t even experience the site from loading. People are now looking for other sites that offer the same services to temporarily satisfy their needs.

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