Why is deodorant flammable ?

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There are a lot of brands of deodorant in the market. And in modern times there is hardly anyone out there in the world who hasn’t tried out any of them. Almost everybody has their favorite brand and tried out one or many. Even there are some mad naughty people out there in the world who have tried spraying their deodorant to fire like lightening candle or any other fire source. For those who have done it have aroused a question of curiosity among themselves and some others that why these deodorants are actually flammable .

This might be due to the logo in the body of the deodorant claiming that extremely flammable that some try spraying this to direct fire to see that what happens in actual. All the deodorants have a certain composition of Alcohol mixture in them and it is mainly this very element that influences the fire and makes deodorant extremely flammable. Most of the deodorants also have a consumption of Propane, Isobutane , Butane and other chemical elements in a compressed form that makes these flammable object more likely to cause fire go nuts. These chemical mixture of solutions are so flammable that it is even noted on most of the deodorants to preserve those under 50 degree Celsius and from direct sunlight so that it doesn’t cause any flammable occurrence. So, from the scientific and common sense perspective it would be better to abide by the cautions instructed in the body of the deodorants and not conduct any kind of silly job. It also should be kept out of reach of children as almost all flammable solution causes skin damage that can become severe than one could expect.

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