Why is Deutschland called germany?

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Why is Deutschland called germany?

Germany is a country located in the centrally western region of the European continent. Officially named as the Federal Republic of Germany, the country was believed to be first inhabited by several Germanic people even before AD 100 at a certain region named as Germania. Because Germania was a language in Greek form, it was translated to English making the country acquire its current name, Germany. The term was first coined by Julius Caesar, when he referred it to the people who inhabited the east of the country known as Rhine. It was assumed that the meaning of the term Germania is neighbor, men of forests or men with spears. The beautiful country of Germany is enriched with history, culture and character. Situated at the center of Europe, the country is bountifully bordered with mountains, plains and hills and is well resourced with natural elements and compounds such as iron ore, coal, potash, timber, salt, nickel, arable land and water. Recognized as the fourth largest economy in the world, the country has evidently developed a very high standard of living with complete system of securing. With Germany’s numerous achievements, it remains to be the scientific and technological leader in several fields.

One interesting fact about Germany is its variety of names. Although it has several names, it continues to be recognized as referring to Germany. One popular name of Germany is Deutschland. Deutschland is from the Old High German language that entails the meaning of of the people” or of the folk”. Deutschland became one of the names referring to Germany because the Dutch language became the prominent language spoken in Western region of Germany. This makes Germany inhabited by people speaking Dutch, thus making Germany the land of the Dutch, otherwise known as Deutschland.

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