Why is Diane Sawyer leaving GMA?

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Why is Diane Sawyer leaving GMA?

One of the most popular shows in all of morning television has to be Good Morning America. This show has been on for years and years and produced one of the most familiar faces in TV history in Diane Sawyer who has now graced our TV screens for the good part of a decade and won plenty of awards throughout the years. There had been a rumor going around for the last few months that she was considering leaving Good Morning America because of a contract dispute and that she was getting a little bit tired of the job altogether, but that did not come to fruition until months later and now she is gone for good.

Sawyer now has a brand new job as the anchor of ABC World News and could not be happier. This job gives her the opportunities that she had been longing for the past few years and she seems to be the perfect fit for the job. Everything that she seems to do comes extremely naturally and I do not thin that the people over at ABC could have picked a better candidate to run their highly watched show. I would have to think that she will be there for about another decade and most likely take home even more awards as the years go by.

Diane Sawyer will probably go down in TV history as one of the best anchors to ever grace our TV screens. There have been very few who have been able to grab our attention with her way of breaking stories and doing such phenomenal interviews as she has and I do not think that there have been or ever will be another to do it the way that she does. We were lucky to have her on Good Morning America and now we can sit back and enjoy her on ABC World News.

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