Why is Dinotown Closing?

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Why is Dinotown Closing?

After having 2.5 million visitors in thirty five long years, Dinotown has been rumored to close. Dinotown is a fun place where the kids and adults will totally enjoy a variety of fun activities. All of the people that have been to Dinotown can’t take the news lightly. The theme park has been a very huge part of their childhood lives. Dinosaurs have been extinct for over sixty five million years ago. And on the sixth day of September, so will Dinotown.

Loyal visitors of the theme park have been asking for the real reason why this happened. The earlier part of this year, the general manager and owner of Dinotown has sold it to Tri-R Development Group in Chilliwack. This new owner of the dinosaur land is planning to put up an RV park on this 18-acre asset. Rob Ell has been diagnosed with brain tumor last year. This is the reason behind the Dinoland closure. Initially, Bob Ell, Rob’s dad, has started the business in 1975. It started as a park with the Flintstones theme. It is considered one of the best in North America. It was located perfectly and it was definitely a hit. In the year 2009, when the Development Group has come along, Rob is just preparing for a surgery to have his tumor removed. And due to financial reasons, of course, Rob has immediately accepted the offer.

Rob has never expected that he will be affected by this kind of disease. He thought that he is as healthy as a horse before the disaster came. It was very hard for him and his family to let go of the theme park that have been part of North America’s history. They got undoubtedly emotional in making that decision. But still, the most important thing for them is Rob’s health. Dinotown is a very exceptional place for families. All of over two thousand dedicated employees are mourning for the loss of such a wonderful park in North America.

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