Why is dog fighting wrong?

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Dog fighting is an illegal activity in the U.S. and in many parts of the world.  This is mainly because of so-called animal rights. Many people have always argued in behalf of the dogs that are forced into fighting bouts as a means of entertainment and gambling by a select group of people.

Obviously, the main thing that makes dog fighting bad is the fact that the dogs are always at the losing end of the situation.  People who engage in dog fighting use these animals to enjoy and perhaps earn some money from it.  Gambling in itself is considered a bad activity to engage in by some people, and using it with animals like dogs makes it even worse.  The point of dog fighting also does not provide any benefit to the dogs themselves.  Some of these dogs may be treated well and given the best food and best training, but as soon as the dogs fight with other dogs, it will be obvious that these animals deserve better treatment. Animal welfare activists have pushed for stricter penalties for people caught involved in dog fighting activities because, for them, this is one of the worst cases of animal abuse.  The same activists point out that the dogs not only suffer during the fights but rather suffer also from their training and even after they fight, if they survive.  These dogs are subject to harsh training with the principle that tougher conditions will also make them tougher competitors. In this sense, the welfare of the dogs is violated even before they actually fight with other dogs.

People engaged in dog fighting are also closely associated with gangs and criminal groups.  This reputation makes it worse for dog fighting and the people that support it.  There are also instances wherein this concern is neglected and not given too much attention thereby giving some free space to proponents of this illegal and horrible activity.


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