Why is Don Cherry called Grapes?

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Why is Don Cherry called Grapes?

Donald Steward ‘Grapes, Cherry, also known by the name of Don Cherry was born in year 1934 and is a commentator for ice hockey at CBC Television. Don Cherry was also a co-host of the ‘Coach’s Corner, which is an intermission segment for a sports program in Canada known as Hockey Night in Canada. Cherry also became a commentator for the Stanley Cup in US for ESPN during its latter stages. Don cherry is also known for being an outspoken person, for his staunch patriotism and his flamboyant dress.

In the 80’s, Don Cherry hosted his own interview show named ‘Don Cherry’s Grapevine, which lasted for several years before it was moved to TSN. In 1985 he started putting up a bar and sports grill which was also named ‘Don Cherry’s Grapevine, in Hamilton. Now he have a series of bar and sports grill located in various parts of Canada including Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Labrador British Columbia, Newfoundland and in Alberta. With his show and series of bar and grills, he acquired the name ‘Grapes, and became known for it, especially when he started several charity works in 90s.

When Don Cherry’s wife died, he contributed in the development of the ‘Rose Cherry’s Home for Kids, and has also lent his kind persona to various charitable causes, particularly for the awareness on organ donations. Don Cherry also became an endorser of a cold medication known as ColdFX, and in its first year, the manufacturer of the said medicine donated 1$ per bottle sold for Rose Cherry’s Home for Kids to show their appreciation to Don Cherry for endorsing their product.

Aside from being a sports commentator, a coach, a commercial endorser, businessman, husband and father, Donald Steward ‘Grapes, Cherry also became a Dominion Command Honorary Life Member of the Royal Canadian Legion for being an aspiring police and for being a huge supporter of the police services.

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  1. dan

    January 17, 2011 2:07 am

    Don Cherry was called “grapes” long before the radio show or tv show, so this is false info….would be nice to find the real answer!


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