Why Is Easter A Season Of Joy?

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Why Is Easter A Season Of Joy?

Easter is an important occasion in the Roman Catholic Calendar. It signifies the rising of Jesus from the dead. The Easter Celebration begins on Palm Sunday and ends in the Easter Celebrations when it is discovered the Christ has risen. Each Catholic country has its own set of customs and events during this time but it all focuses on the passion, death and resurrection of Christ.

More than the commercialism Easter has always been a season of joy for the Christian community. It signifies the triumph of good over evil which happened when Jesus Christ rose from the dead after being crucified. It fulfills the promise uttered by Christ that he will rise from the dead to save mankind of their sins.

This unselfish act committed by Christ is the very reason why we all celebrate Easter and greet it with such joy. For the believers, the resurrection of Christ is the one unselfish act needed to wake people up. It is a time of reconciliation too because it tells us that it is time to make amends just as Christ did for us.

Aside from the religious beliefs celebrated during this time, it is also a season of joy because of the customs that have developed that center on it. For one, it is during Easter that you see candy stores being stocked to the brim with Crème Eggs, sweet Peeps, and chocolate bunnies to signify the occasion. Who does not love these sweet treats right? Easter also means that it is time for brush up on hunting skills because it is Easter egg hunting time! This is one activity that both adults and kids truly enjoy.

Easter is the time when the whole family converges to pray. It is time to celebrate the resurrection of Christ. The coming together as a family is enough reason to make it a joyful occasion.

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