Why is eating Ice bad for you?

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Why is eating ice bad for you?

During hot weather, it’s so refreshing to drink ice-cold juice and shakes. Others even eat ice directly just to calm down the heat in their body. Some are even addicted to ice even if it’s not summer time. Although eating ice has some benefits to our body, it also has some side effects to our health.
Eating ice was thought to be a great way to reduce health. It can burn fats, give relief to heat stroke, and can remedy anemia. However, too much eating of ice can damage gums and teeth. Too much cold can hurt nerve endings of the teeth which in effect may cause toothache and infection.
When you eat ice especially during a very hot season, there will be a sudden change in the temperature of your body. This can cause damage to your voice. This is the reason why singers and announcers don’t drink cold beverages because their vocal cords will be damaged.
There are also substances in ice which are harmful to the body. Some ice are processed in a hazardous environment so there might be chemicals that might go along with it. Ice is not also nutritious to the body. Too much intake of this might cause stomach bloating because of too much liquid when the ice melts.
When you see people who always crush ice in their mouth, there might be a problem in their health. Usually, pregnant women who are anemic crave for ice. Eating ice is one symptom of iron deficiency. This is because pregnant women lack iron in their body and they feel hot flushes in their mouth. The way to remedy this is to eat ice. So when you see someone who has ice cravings, advise her to check the doctor because she might be suffering from low hemoglobin.

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