Why is Eisenhover called IKE?

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Why is Eisenhover called IKE?

Dwight D. Eisenhover (1890-1969) ‘š Best known as ‘The Supreme Commander of Allied forces in World War II, was born in Denison Texas on Octpber 14, 1890 to David Jacob Eisenhover and Ida Elizabeth Stoven Eisenhover. Dwight, a Presbyterian, graduated at West Point Military Academy. He then became a Military Commander and a General in the US Army.

Dwight married to Mary ‘mamie, Geneva Doud Eisenhover and had her as her first lady when he became the 34th President of the United States of America. Mamie was famous as an excellent hostess and is happy raising their two sons namely, Doud Dwight and John Sheldon while staying out of politics.

Dwight had an older brother Edgar and had Ike as his nickname but it turned out that he became Big Ike and Dwight during his college days was called Little Ike.

He was popularly known as Ike when he used it as his campaign slogan for his candidacy as president. The slogan was ‘I like IKE, campaign which was very catchy.

During his presidency and his Military Services he was the second being to be honored as the Civitan’s International World Citizenship award. He was also awarded with Army Distinguished Service Medal with 4-oak leaf Cluster, Navy Distinguished Service Medal. He was also awarded with the World War I and World War II Victory Medal.

It is quite obvious that Dwight during his reign was a first-class president, not just in words but in action. He campaigns for Peace and Prosperity and he made it possible during his time.

Did you know that Dwight was the first president to appear in a colored television? I guess not. But yes, he is the first. Dwight along with his many qualities was also a Wonderful Chef. He loves to cook for his family and take pleasure in seeing them eating what he serves. Because of this, I can say that Dwight balances his work as a President, a husband to Mamie, and a father to his two sons quite well. It’s simply Amazing!

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