Why is Eleanor Roosevelt famous?

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Eleanor Roosevelt was the wife of Franklin D. Roosevelt.  She was called the First Lady of the United States from the period 1933 until 1945. Eleanor was known to have educated herself to help in running the State while her husband was incapacitated during the final days of his term during World War II. She was always near to the public and worked for human welfare.  The goodwill she gained from helping people earned her the title as the First Lady of the World.

Eleanor was raised by her grandmother after she lost her parents at an early age. She became a member of the organization National Consumers League. She used to go to many sweet shops and factories to check the safety aspects of the workers there. Eleanor married Franklin Roosevelt on March 17th, 1905.

Eleanor spent most of her time raising their children when her husband was working as Assistant Secretary of the Navy. She also carried out social activities in Washington, D.C. She was part of the activities of the Red Cross at the time of World War I. Franklin was suffering from infantile paralysis in the year 1921. Eleanor then participated very actively at this time in helping her husband in politics, and she also started doing a lot of social service.  She led a rally in the year 1924 supporting the Democratic Party. She directed the National Women’s Campaign for the party and made many public speeches on behalf of her husband. She began to monitor and look after the women’s wing of the Democratic Party and led the team in 1932.

She worked as an adviser to her husband during his Presidency and used to fly to several places in the process of assisting her husband. She was called the Flying First Lady. She answered her critics who did not want her to travel with her husband that she had to be the eyes and ears for him due to his physical disability. She assisted Franklin during World War II, and she was made the assistant director of the Civilian Defense Office in the year 1941. After the death of Franklin, she was appointed as the delegate to the United Nations which was a position she effectively performed.

She was a U.S. representative in the general assembly during the period from 1946 to 1951. She worked as chairman of the United Nations’ Human Rights Commission during the period between 1947 and 1951. She wrote a book in 1933 apart from writing a newspaper column regularly. She was a wonderful humanitarian and a great human being.

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