Why is Elvis famous?

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Why is Elvis famous?

Music industry will never be complete without the singing icon Elvis Presley. When you talk about 1950’s music, Elvis will surely top the list. Elvis Aaron Presley also known as the King” became very famous because of his contributions to the music scene. At the age of 19, his career started when Sun Records’ owner Sam Phillips gave him a break. Elvis was the one who popularized upbeat songs with a combination of rock and rhythm and blues.
In 1956, Elvis released his first single Heartbreak Hotel which became a hit. The song was new to the audience because of its rock and roll taste. He was also considered an icon because of his performance on stage and his renditions of songs. Elvis became the leading singer during his time and with that he was named as the King of Rock and Roll.
Elvis celebrity status made him the favorite of TV shows. He even debut in the film Love me Tender. Because of his popularity, he topped the record sales and also staged some concerts. His songs were also used in some famous movies as soundtrack.
The King was regarded as one of the most important icons in pop culture. His energetic moves and unordinary voice made him a successful singer in any genres. He can sing country, blues, ballad and of course rock and roll. He had been a 3-time Grammy winner and also received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.
Elvis is very famous because of his talent, his charm, and versatile voice. He could not only sing but he can also act as proven by more than 10 films he starred in.However, Elvis’ popularity also died down when he got himself involved in drug abuse. He died at 42 years old leaving to his fans a legacy that made music business a worthwhile industry.

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