Why is Employment important?

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Why is employment important?

Not everything in the world is free. What’s more frustrating is that almost all necessary materials needed for survival is worth a penny. Even education which is the key element to a successful life is not free. So it is very important for a person living in this world to have a means of livelihood wherein he or she can gain profit and earn money.

Employment is important if you want to have a normal life – three decent meals a day, a place to stay and other things such as clothes, shoes etc. This is most especially if a person has to provide for his or her family. In order to provide good quality education to your children, you need to be employed first so that you can have the means to pay for their education expense. Without any means of employment, I think a person would not even last for a month unless he or she has someone working for him or her or worse, resort to begging which most poor people do these days.

Employment is important for a person’s well-being. Work often boosts a person’s morale integrity. It also gives the person self confidence especially when socializing with other people. Some even associate their job positions as their titles when introducing themselves to strangers. An employed person has the ability to enhance and develop his or her skills and learn moral values such as teamwork and cooperation.

Employment benefits other people. Employment is important for businessmen and other commercial institution as they cannot solely rely on their skills in order to successfully build a business. They need to employ workers that will help them achieve their goals.

Employed persons are an asset to society. Employment generates income not only to the person working but also to the company he or she is associated with. In return, that company pays taxes to its ruling government thus generating income for the country that will be used for the benefit of the people such as road works and infrastructures or to support government related projects such as housing, education and health.

In conclusion, employment is very important if a person aspires of becoming successful in life just like the saying goes, Work to live not live to work”.

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