Why is excel so important

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Why is excel so important

Excel is one of the most popularly used electronic spreadsheet program worldwide. It is frequently used by various sectors like businesses or corporations, volunteer groups, students, teachers, researchers, scientists, accountants, journalists, private and government organizations, and many more for the easy storage, organization, and management of wide range of data.

Viewing an Excel program, one can notice that it comprise of different sets of rows and columns where numbers, formulas, and even texts can be encoded. Excel also has built-in formulas, known as functions”, used to perform mathematical computations that provide results in an instant.

As a spreadsheet, Excel is commonly used in storing various financial data. It is used in determining business profits and loss, helps in calculating reimbursement plans for mortgages and loans, as well as figuring the minimum, maximum, and average values in a particular range of data. Excel is also useful in analyzing various statistics and data trends with the use of charts along with graphs, in addition to filtering, sequencing by importance, and sorting out data of particular report.

All these financial work that usually takes time to manually process, organize, edit, and often times tiring to manage are made easy through the use of the Excel program. And the data that are stored can be easily accessed and converted into a Powerpoint or electronic presentation, printed into a report form, or posted on a web page.

Excel is considered powerful software, flexible, and easy to work with. It can be used not just for business purposes, but it can also be applied for practical uses like a calculator, a means to manage one’s finances, organized into a calendar or scheduler, an electronic planner, an address book by means of Excel’s mail-merge feature, or in creating any type of checklist that one can think of.

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