Why is Explorer slow?

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Why is Explorer slow?

Formerly known as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Windows Explorer is an operating system developed by Microsoft to provide a series of graphical web browsers. It had its beginnings in 1995 as part of a certain package released by the company. Four years after it was released, it became one of the most used web browsers with a 95 percent usage share. Because of its user friendly features, Internet Explorer continues to capture avid web users. The web browser was specifically designed to provide a wide range of web pages and allows constant Windows updates to be displayed. More so, alongside its standard support are support extensions that allow other proprieties to be available and accessible. In addition to that, Internet Explorer uses a zone-based security framework where restrictions are imposed per zone. It also provides warnings whenever users try to access unrecognized files.
Internet Explorer constantly updates its web browser, now having nine versions of the browser. However, despite the great features and advantages that Internet Explorer possesses, many users have already been complaining about its speed. It is a fact that the web browser can easily be downloaded and updated but the major problem cited by most users is that its speed has already gotten slow. One of the factors that were identified to be causing the browser to function at a slow speed is that it has too many adornments. Toolbars, add-ons, helper objects are just few of the many unnecessary links the browser features. Also, excessive usage of Explorer can cause many applications and files to pile up causing the browser to bug down. Other external factors could the internet connection itself or the computer unit one is using.
Today, many web browsers have already emerged and is in competition with Windows Internet Explorer.

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