Why is Facebook so popular?

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why is facebook popularWhy is Facebook so popular?

If you are a very social type of person, then you would surely find using Facebook very entertaining. Facebook is one of the many social networking sites that have sprouted like mushrooms over the internet. Registration for these sites is free, so it is not a wonder why so many people are signing up with these sites.

Now, why is Facebook so popular? The main reason is probably that people can easily connect with their friends and their loved ones through the site. It is possible to post a status calling out to all of your friends, privately chat or message them, or comment on their walls or their statuses. The news about your friend who is in another continent can easily reach you in just a matter of seconds, and vice versa.

Another reason why Facebook is so popular is that it is possible for a person to upload an unlimited number of photos, and put them in an album on their profiles. Facebook is a place to brag and boast activities, events and places that one has been to. A person can easily become popular through the unique and weird photos that he or she posts. Sharing videos and links can also be done easily through the site. Sending gifts is even possible through the site, which is extremely helpful during special occasions.

Although other social networking sites may function the same way as Facebook, it actually has another big plus, which is another reason why it is becoming very popular as well. Facebook allows its users to play through the applications that are readily available in the site. There is no need to go to another site to play a game, because one can easily run the application in the site.

However, one must remember that Facebook is something public. There may be a guarantee that your privacy is protected, but you have to remember that anyone can view your photos and videos, copy them in a few clicks, and spread them all over the internet. By then, you could already become public property without you knowing it.

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