Why is Fantasy not really Science Fiction?

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Why is Fantasy not really Science Fiction?

Science fiction was known as a fictional genre that deals with the impacts of the imagined innovations in science and technology, or either of the two. It is different from fantasy since its imaginary contents or elements are often based on the scientifically postulated or established fact from the laws of nature.

The exploration of the consequences of the between these two, science fiction was considered as the ‘literature of ideas, and is based on rational alternative possibilities when written. Most of the time, the settings that are being used in most science fiction contexts are contrary to what is known in reality.

Fantasy, on the other hand, is a genre which focuses on magic and supernatural phenomena for its primary plot, setting and/or theme. Most works from this genre takes place in fictional locations or worlds where magic is the most common thing. Fantasy is distinguished from the genre of science fiction as it does not give any logical or pseudo explanation for the events that usually occur, although they are both speculative fiction subgenres. In most popular cultures, the fantasy genre is often dominated by its medievalist form. But in its broadest sense, fantasy is comprised by works of various writers, filmmakers, musicians and artists from ancient legends or myths to may recent works which are accepted by a wide range of audience today.

So fantasy cannot be considered as science fiction since the latter has a scientific basis while fantasy has not. The concepts on most science fiction context evolves on a scientific scenario while fantasy is mostly based on the writer’s wide imagination. Aside from that, the themes of fantasy contexts are often hard to figure out since it does not seem to have any basis at all and so the audience may often wonder how and why things happen while in science fiction, everything has a scientific explanation which are often based on facts with futuristic scenarios.

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