Why is February the shortest month?

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Why is February the shortest month?

As there were two types of calendar that were introduced, both the Julian and Gregorian calendars have February as the second month of the year. With less than 30 days, the month of February only has 29 days during leap years and 28 days in ordinary years. The term, February is an origin of the Latin language. The term is equivalent to the Latin word februum, which literally carries the meaning of the word purification. In the Roman calendar, February is one of the last two months that were added. In other languages, the term February means month of the pearl or month of ice or hard frost. The month of February is symbolized by the stone of amethyst which is said to be a stone of sincerity, piety, humility and spiritual wisdom.
However, with February as the shortest month, this remains to be a query among many people. The reason behind this is attributed to the second king of Rome named Numa Pompilius. He decided to add two months after the month of December after syncing the existent calendar during his time with the actual lunar year, which is about 354 days only. However, the king believed that an even number brings bad luck so he added one more day to the month of January. February remained to have 28 days with no one to justify why it was untouched. And as assumed by many, it was said to be related to the practice of Romans, who give honor to the dead and perform purification rites during February.
But regardless of how February came to be the shortest month, many significant events are celebrated and commemorated when this month of the year comes. Indeed the month of February is full of interesting facts.

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