Why is Federalism required in India?

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Why is Federalism required in India?

Federalism is worldwide accepted as a good system of governance. It means distribution of the application of constitutional laws between the central or main governing authority and the individual states or provinces. In a democratic government if the ruling people are genuine in their efforts to serve the people who have chosen them as the leaders, then the society will be perfect in all its activities. The country will be strong both politically and economically when it follows democracy in right manner. Similarly federal governance also will be successful if there is no corruption and has full support from the people.

Federal government is believed to be helpful in promoting the financial and political improvement of the country. The stability and prosperity of the countries was attained by following federal government in the countries like United States, Canada, Australia and Switzerland. Federal form of governance cannot be followed easily by all countries at all the times. It is difficult to follow federal rule at all places as it is highly critical to maintain a bond between the central and the constituent state legislatives.

The federal system exemplifies always the state with the development seen constantly and continuously. This federal governance should be modified as per the environment or amended based on the rising issues.

As India is a developing nation, federal government is necessary for it to bring progress. India is a country with unity in diversity. There are so many states that are unique in their cultures and traditions and still feel strongly the oneness among them. As each state has its own way of lifestyle and culture, it is important to follow federal form of government in India. As also the constitutional laws of India suit the federal governance, India requires federal ruling to maintain national integration. Indians are having lot of differences in their language, culture or lifestyle and hence live as different states. But all Indians feel that they are all one and belong to only one country. Therefore India deserves to have federal government.

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