Why is flying safer than driving?

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Most people consider or at least think that flying is a safer method of transportation when compared to driving.  Without having the actual figures from statistics and research, many people would normally pick flying over driving in terms of safety.  This notion applies whether flying involves a commercial jet or a private jet and whether the driving involves private cars and trucks versus many other public transport vehicles.  When people talk about transportation safety, most are aware of more driving accidents as compared to flying accidents.

In terms of accidents, one usually doesn’t need to have the exact research statistics or data to make a personal conclusion that riding in a plane is much safer than riding in a car, for example.  Car accidents literally happen every now and then for every single day.  People get bombarded with news about road mishaps from any corner of the country or the globe regularly.  Some people even accept road accidents as part of the daily transportation routine.  But in the case of flying in commercial jets and airlines, for example, most people would come to a conclusion that accidents rarely happen.  Although accidents involving one plane, for example, would involve hundreds of passengers, these incidents rarely occur.

But there are also other people who argue that on a per-trip basis, driving in various vehicles is actually safer when compared to flying in airplanes. These people point out that the records given regarding plane accidents are filtered and favor the aviation industry to make people think that it is safe to fly.  But despite the horrible stories of previous plane crashes and accidents, most people still think that flying is still the safest way to go from one place to another.  An exception, of course, exists for people who have phobias and fears of flying for several reasons.

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