Why is food important?

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Why is food important?

Food is any substance that is consumed by living things in order to live and survive. As part of the basic necessities of every living being and creature, food is considered the number one need. Food comes variably, depending on the nature of the one consuming it. For most humans, there are a great variety of food selections, with direct influence from one’s culture, religious practices and personal preference. For animals and other living creatures, sources of food may vary. Some animals survive with what nature can provide while others work their way out in searching for food to satisfying their hunger. For plants, their common sources of food are the light from the sun and the water from the soil, which undergoes various chemical and scientific processes that enable plants to grow and survive.

The main reason why food is important is because it feeds on one’s survival. Food is one important element for all living beings because it is substance that provides nourishment to the body and allows specific function to work at an optimum level. For rich and poor alike, a certain amount of food is necessary to promote growth, to supply force and heat, and to furnish material to repair the waste which is constantly taking place in the body. For most people, the preparation of food is one crucial task to do. They must be planned, prepared, and served with unvarying regularity in order to maintain the health and efficiency of every individual.

It is a universal fact that food plays very vital role in maintaining proper health and also helps in prevention and cure of diseases. Good nutritive food makes health while bad or unhealthy food give rise to several diseases. With a well balanced diet, one’s health is ensured.

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