Why is Football so popular?

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Why is Football so popular?

Football is a very simple game. The game needs only one football and a pole or area that represents the goal. A small ground is sufficient for the play. The rules in the game are also not many to be followed. When any sports lover is asked about the most popular sport all over the world, they tend to say it as football. Though all the people do not probably say it as football, most of the people say it as football only. This is probably due to the simplicity of the game. The game needs only two minimum players and a ball to play. It can be played anywhere in the city. The game does not require much equipment or a big stadium for playing. An open space will do enough for playing football. The match can be arranged at a cheap cost.

There is no place in the world where football is not played at professional level. Only in United States the football is not that popular. In United States, the football is covered by the national game. Most of the people in United States and Australia are very eager and interested about their national sport. FIFA (federation of international football association) is the international football game organizer which is popular. It was conducting football world cups tournaments in all the continents till now on the globe except in Africa and Australia. But, in 2010 Australia has been covered in the hosted continents of FIFA.

Most of the countries are represented by the national team members and few of the players represented it invidually as their national team was not present. This game is participated by both males and females ranging from school level to professional level. Football does not require a particular size of the ball unlike in basketball and rugby. Irrespective of rich or poor football can be played by all the people of varied status. The reason probably that all the people like this game, is that it involves the goal which is very exciting to the people watching it. The people are still more excited when the goal has impact on the further game in the field.

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