Why is Freedom of the press important?

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Why is Freedom of the press important?

Freedom of press is important as it gives the people liberty to express their views through the media. Media does not mean that it functions only through TV channels or newspapers. It can also be through books and magazines. Freedom of press is the right given to everyone to speak about something that they feel was not justified. Government as well as citizens know that independent media is more important in exercising their right in freedom of press. World press freedom day is celebrated on 3rd of May every year. This occasion allows us to think about the advantages of responsible and free media. People also believe that this world would not be safe without independent media.
The independent media which is Professionalistic and responsible will be necessary for the development of healthy and efficient democracy. Expressing our views without any fear through media is important as media constitutes the ears and eyes of the public. Media is a means of making the public to know about the activities of business, governmental, cultural, sports, local, and academics. Freedom of press will provide us the right to speak about the issues like regulations, policies, laws and decisions which were considered by us as best. By the freedom of press, the people can express all their ideas which will be supportive for the public.
The freedom of press by the media exercised by them tells us to decide properly with regard to sending our children to schools. The free and active media allows us to decide the better locations to buy the products, to make the doctors to treat the patient in a better way, makes the government officials to solve our problems and select the best crops to be planted that can give better harvest for us. The freedom of press makes us to connect ourselves with the public as well as with our leaders. It makes us to involve in the country’s public activities. On the whole, freedom of press gives us the voice to participate in the development of our country.

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