Why is Frying bad for you?

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Why is Frying bad for you?

The frying is bad and deep frying is even worse as it adds lot of fats as well as empty calories to the food. It is also observed that frying destroys the actual nutrients in the food. This will make you to eat food which has calories coming from the bad fats and not from the important nutrition. So, it is always better to use virgin olive oil while preparing a deep fry.

The frying of food will lose certain nutrients when they are boiled to very high temperatures. The oil that is heated to such a high temperature will release certain free radicals which are harmful to our body. The fried item cannot give any nutrition to your body. It can in turn cause much harm to you. The deep frying is done generally in the presence of oil and the arteries will get blocked up with the oil depositions. So, it is always better to have food that is boiled than fried. Of course boiled food also increases the thickness of the blood which in turn might cause the walls of the arteries to get de-sensitized to the systolic and diastolic beats of the heart. This is caused due to the viscous blood. Anyway this is out of scope of this discussion.

Boiled food though is not good entirely, it is considered better than the fried food. This is because people suffering from atherosclerosis are many in number and it is a dangerous condition. The blockage in arteries can lead to severe cardiac problems, if it reaches peak stage. So, it is necessary to avoid fried foods which require lot of oil usage. Usage of virgin olive oil in some cases where there is necessity of eating the fried foods in some occasions can help a lot to keep you healthy than other oils.

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