Why is Gatsby great?

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Why is Gatsby great?

In a novel entitled The Great Gatsby written by Scott Fitzgerald, it tells a story of a man named Nick Carraway who also acts as the narrator in the story.  Nick happened to meet a wealthy and mysterious man named Jay Gatsby. He attended one of the man’s lavish parties but Nick was not able to meet the host who is Gatsby.  He looked for the host and found him.  They became friends. Gatsby fell in love with Nick’s cousin, Daisy who also happens to have a relationship with Tom.

As the story continues, Gatsby felt depressed because he was not sure if Daisy loves him or not.  The story revolves around the love affair of Daisy and Gatsby and how Jay Gatsby sacrificed everything for his love affair. The story was tragic because Gatsby was killed in the end.

It was Nick who described Gatsby as great because he admired the man very much.  Nick appreciated Gatsby’s identity.  Eventhough he is rich, he is does not socialize with the elites. When he fell in love with daisy, he only had one goal and that is to win the heart of the woman. Gatsby was so determined to let Daisy fall in love with him even if he knows that Daisy only needs material things.  Â With this, Gatsby increased his financial wealth and studied how social elites behave just to impress Daisy.

This attitude of Gatsby towards love made Nick admire him more.  He was romantic at heart eventhough his ways are somewhat misguided. The day before Gatsby died, Nick even advised Gatsby to leave for a week to find peace and to take his mind away from Daisy. Nick said that Gatsby is worth the whole damn bunch put together.  This line is indeed a proof that Gatsby is a man worthy enough of emulation that’s why he is called The Great Gatsby.

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