Why is Gmail so Slow?

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Why is Gmail so Slow?

Most of the cases have reported the slowness of Gmail due to the old version usage of the browser. When they switch to the newer version, the problem is found to be rectified and the Gmail becomes quite faster. In Gmail settings an option called ‘always use Https, should be turned off in order to prevent the slow loading of Gmail. Another reason for Gmail loading slowly may be due to the use of Gmail labs. If the Gmail lab settings are enabled one after the other Gmail becomes slower. Any one of the Gmail lab features might be hindering the loading process and hence it is necessary to identify which feature is actually creating the problem.

Most of the latest functionalities and features of Gmail do not work in its basic HTML version. So in some remote places where people have slow internet connections it is necessary to switch to the basic HTML version of Gmail that can help work with Gmail uninterruptedly. As the new features like Ajax program (web application to retrieve data from the server) takes time to get loaded properly, standard version will create problem in getting loaded in slow internet connections.

Sometimes the browser that we use will store information called cookies which might get corrupted. This also might cause Gmail to load slowly. By deleting the Cache and cookies in the browser the problem can be rectified. If there is any large ‘file download’ going on in the browser simultaneously then it may hinder the loading of Gmail further. One of the major reasons for Gmail getting loaded slowly is due to the anti-virus software usage. Many people have been facing problems with Gmail loading in the presence of various anti-virus programs. This anti-virus will block the script and hence make the page to load very slowly. More number of features in the recent standard version, is also the main reason for the Gmail to get loaded slowly.

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