Why is Google Pacman?

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Why is Google Pacman?

Everybody was amused when Google made a playable Pacman in its home page logo a few months ago. It was a trip down memory lane for those who used to play this game. Pacman was famous long before these web-based games came in. Playing it on the Google screen was a trip down memory lane for some users.

Until now, Pacman has retained its charm not only to adults but to the younger set as well. Google made that home page as a tribute to the 30th anniversary of Pacman. Yes, Pacman is already 30 years old. Imagine the many kids whose way of playing changed because of this coin-eating glob.

Google employs a team to redesign their home page logo to honor certain occasions all over the world. They call this the Google Doodle team. When they found out that May 22 was going to be the 30th birthday of Pacman, they thought that it is but right to pay tribute to it.

The team wanted to do something more than the usual drawing and wanted something more interactive just the way the game was played. A playable Pacman doodle came into being. Google pulled out all the stops this time to make it really playable and as close to the original as possible. The same as the original game, the Google doodle was interactive as it can get. All 255 levels were playable with re-created sounds and graphics as close to the original but with the distinct Google name embedded in.

What a fitting tribute it is for Google to do this on the anniversary of Pacman. It did not take a lot of selling or marketing to make it a hit to everyone. Everybody so loved it that Google made it possible for us to still play it as it is still available in its archives.

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