Why Is Graduated Licensing Important?

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Why Is Graduated Licensing Important?

Graduated licensing is a method in getting your driver’s license that is done in several countries. It is said that there has been a significant reduction in the number of teen fatalities due to car crashes ever since this has been put to use. It basically lets a teenager as young as 16 have a driver’s license but only after passing the required tests and with restrictions for every level.

Each country that implements this method of giving driver’s license has its own set of rules of regulations. Even within the country, each State has its own rules that they follow. Whatever may be the rule for Alabama may not be the same for California.

This is important because for one it regulates the use of motorized vehicles by those still underage. Time is different now. Driving is a skill that can be taught to people as young as 16 years old. You will never know when this skill will be useful especially during emergency situations. The good thing about this it lets the teenager use the vehicle as long as they are supervised by an adult who has a valid driver’s license. In some States they even allow unsupervised driving however only during certain hours of the day.

Because of this method, graduated licensing has helped decrease the incidents of road accidents involving teens. Since they know the rules and regulations as well as road rules, these teenagers are more aware of their driving. They know the consequences if they misbehave. Also they are more likely to not commit common mistakes that lead to accidents such as over speeding.

Studies indicated a reduction of crash accidents from 10% to 30% which is a very positive outcome of this implementation. Graduated licensing has indeed helped a lot in lessening the threat to life and property. More importantly, it has taught teenagers to become responsible drivers.

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