Why is Grammar important?

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Why is Grammar important?

Grammar is the tool that holds the sentences in the English language together. Grammar gives meaning and relevance to the sentence and without it, the language appears meaningless and provides confusing message. Improper usage of grammar will not allow you to communicate correctly and effectively as the reader may not understand the same what you meant in the sentence. This might create confusion to the reader and dissatisfaction towards your writing.

Grammar helps in building the structure of the sentence and to format the language. Reading about the intricacies of grammar will help us a lot in writing or speaking English. The effort and time that we spend for learning grammar is really worth in doing it. The rules of grammar are essential for us to communicate effectively. It is important for those who deal with writing and speaking in English to learn proper grammar. To improve the grammar skills and to know the extent of knowledge you have on grammar, you can ensure that through a tool called online grammar checker. This will highlight any mistakes you have made in the sentence. Before we go for checking the correct grammar usage it is necessary for us to proof read the page once. This exercise will make us to identify the mistakes if any by ourselves.

The more you concentrate and understand the grammar in the language the more you can make the readers of your article to enjoy your work. So, though the subject is boring it is essential for a writer to especially learn grammar. We will learn simple grammar when we start framing sentences during our childhood. But, the more complex part of the grammar also exists which has to be studied extensively to know which words have to be used in which context. Grammar tells us the type of word that we have to use in a particular sentence. Knowing English grammar will make you a better writer, reader, communicator, thinker, and listener. Understanding grammar with good knowledge in it will fetch you an additional benefit in any field of work.

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