Why is Greek Yogurt Good for you?

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Why is Greek Yogurt Good for you?

Yogurt had been considered as a healthy food because of its protein and calcium content because of the culture. The cultures in yogurt are active microorganisms which are responsible for various nutritional benefits.

One type of yogurt that is becoming popular is Greek Yogurt. Greek yogurt is thicker and creamier. It is made of cow or sheep’s milk. What makes Greek yogurt healthier than ordinary ones is the process of making it. The yogurt is still strained so that the thick cream will remain and the whey will be filtered out. Also, Greek yogurt is a combination of milk and cream which brings more nutrition to the body.

Greek yogurt has a lot of health benefits. It is more concentrated so it contains more protein which is essential for cell growth. A cup of serving contains almost 20 g of protein compared to 10-13 g of ordinary yogurts. It also contains less sugar with only 8g for a cup. It is lower in sodium, carbohydrates, and calories which is a good indication that it is best for those who want to be fit.

Having Greek yogurt for snacks is the best choice because of its nutritional content. You can even eat the Yogurt everyday without the fear of heart risks and high blood pressure. There is less fat and cholesterol which means you can eat yogurt as many times as you like.

If you are on a diet, it is also recommended to eat Greek Yogurt because of its nutritious content. Once you eat the yogurt, you will easily feel full and satisfied so you don’t crave anymore to eat for more food.

Greek yogurt is perfect not just for health but also for our tongue. Its creamy and thick taste makes it more delicious and appetizing to combine with other foods. With Greek Yogurt, eating is a pleasurable experience.

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