Why is Guam important to the US?

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Guam is an island in the Pacific Ocean. Though the area is not that big the importance of this island is on the higher side, especially for US in the present days. Guam has a bitter past of going through certain wars and the people of Guam have seen the hardest of the days in form of torture, suppression and imprisonment. Guam has a peculiar political system and most people regard Guam as a state of US.

The position of the island Guam has made it an important factor for us. Not only for US but also for any country or state, it would be highly beneficial to have such states under control. Guam ensures an easy access to China as well as the whole of Asia. The position lets the harbor to grow and economy to fly as business to be established. These issues might have influenced Spain to take control of the island for more than two centuries. But later in 19th century Spain lost its possession on the island to US. Japanese understood the importance of owning its possession and invaded through the Pearl Harbor and captured its possession around the year 1941. But US always had vulnerability for this place for keeping the glory in tact by owning this important place. So, they attacked it and regained their position on 21st July, 1944.

Now Guam is one of the strongest military bases of US and the economy of this island mainly depends on tourism and the military fund of US. US has a lot of contribution in keeping the peace intact in Guam. So, for both emotional and advantageous reasons Guam is an important factor for US.

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