Why is Helen Keller famous?

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Why is Helen Keller famous?

Helen Adams Keller is famous as the blind and deaf American woman who was notable for being a successful author, lecturer, political activist, a world traveller, and the first deaf-blind individual to have earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with honours. She was admired by people for being able to live a meaningful and colourful life despite her disability, and she was able to serve as an inspiration to others. Her life story was an example of hope and perseverance, of friendship and compassion that gained her respect and recognition all over the world.

Among her achievements, Helen was able to publish various articles and a total of 12 books which include her autobiography titled The Story of my Life (1902). Keller also wrote The World I Live In (1908), Out of the Dark (1913), and My Religion (1927) which was finally revised and re-issued under the title Light in my Darkness in 1994.

Helen Keller’s social and political activities include her involvement to various advocacy like the ones that supports women’s rights, people with disabilities, and birth control. She was also known to be a radical socialist, a pacifist and an adversary of Woodrow Wilson.

Helen received her Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1964 given to her by President Lyndon B. Johnson which was one of US’ highest honours given to a civilian. She was also elected in the New York World’s Fair as the National Women’s Hall of Fame in 1965. And, Helen also devoted forty years of her life raising funds for the American Foundation for the Blind.

Helen Keller was born without defect to Arthur H. Keller and Kate Adams on June 27, 1880. Although on her 19th month, Helen was struck by a severe fever that caused her blindness and deafness all throughout her life. She was educated by Anne Sullivan, the visually impaired instructor of Helen which also became her companion. And, she died by natural cause on June 1, 1968 at the age of 88.

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