Why is Hetalia so popular?

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Hetalia is an Internet comic series with characters supposedly based on world history.  The main title of the series is called Hetalia-Axis Powers and has become so popular that the comics intended for online viewing were adapted for release as standard comics or manga and/or anime series.  The main cast of characters are given credit as the reason why Hetalia is so popular these days.  These characters with different personalities are loosely based on the prominent countries that were involved in World War II.  Countries like the U.S., Italy, Japan, England, China, Germany, Russia, and France all have corresponding characters in the Hetalia Webcomic and manga series.  Each character representing each country has its own name and personality and holds some resemblance to what actually happened back in World War II.  Countries like Germany and Japan, for example, are classified as part of the Axis group or the villains in the series.  The U.S. and England, meanwhile, are part of the Allied Forces.

Some people have become fans of the Hetalia series because of the witty lines and jokes.  Some comic book critics and reviewers point to the fact that the series appeals to many people because of the humor injected to seemingly boring historical events.  Although not all situations in the series are attributed to actual facts, people from different countries can relate to the typical stereotypes of the various personalities from the main characters.  People who may not usually like to read about politics and history are actually drawn to the series because of the clever storylines and funny take on various people’s stereotypes.  Comparing the characters representing different countries is already a hot topic in itself, but when humor is infused, then more people get hooked, making the series very popular. With its popularity, the series has also been released in a drama CD format.  A movie version was also made along with video game adaptations of Hetalia.


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