Why is Hexane not soluble in water?

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Why is Hexane not soluble in water?

Hexane is one element that is symbolized by the chemical formula of C6H14. Classified as a hydrocarbon, this element only contains the basic elements of hydrogen and carbon. Such element has an alkaline property that consists of six carbon atoms. Hexane has various isomers that have known specific indications. Hexanes are mostly used in formulating and producing certain types of glues that is utilized for shoes, leathers and for roofing purposes. Extracts of hexane is found to be useful in the household as cooking oils to primarily clean and remove greases of all sorts of materials. Hexanes are also used among textile manufacturing industries and are well utilized in laboratories to counteract strong acidic substances. The physical properties of hexane are most likely similar with other elements and compounds that are classified to be alkaline in nature, although some of its properties such as melting point, possesses a variety in trend.
What makes hexane an interesting hydrocarbon compound is its insolubility in water. When water and hexane are mixed together, hexane is evidently seen to floating above the presence of water. In the actual concept of matter, there is actually a minute mixture of hexane and water that occurs. What cause the molecules of water to repel the molecules found in hexane is the new attractions being formed from the breakdown of hexane molecules and hydrogen bonds. The new attractions being formed are found to significantly distinct from the attraction created by the molecules that were originally broken down. This mechanism alters the natural structure of water by compensating for the loss hydrogen bonds and formation of weaker hydrogen-water attraction. This mechanism then, creates new hydrogen bonds and acquires new molecular arrangements. This further contributes the ability of hydrocarbon to become water insoluble.

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