Why is hieroglyphics important

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Why is hieroglyphics important

Hieroglyphics is an adjective word that is often mistakenly used as a noun in exchange for the word hieroglyphs which means sacred engraved letters. Hieroglyphs are important since it is believed to be one of the oldest forms of writing in the world, similar to cuneiform that were used by the Sumerians. It is said to hold the foundation of the modern writing system used nowadays.

According to archeological findings, hieroglyphs existed since 3200 BCE (based on the earliest hieroglyphic inscription that was discovered) and were used as a formal writing system adapted by the ancient Egyptians during those times.

Hieroglyphs played an important role not just as form of writing that are often inscribed on walls of Egyptian pyramids, on tombs of the royal family, on various jewelry, and even on nameplates of royalties known as cartouche, but it primarily projects the rich and incredible history of Egypt as a nation that include its earliest belief system, culture, and traditions.

Before, hieroglyphs were widely used in Egypt. It is utilized to describe important happenings and accomplishments of the Egyptian pharaohs. Hieroglyphs were also used to write down laws, create letters, stories, and lists of temple offerings (and who gave them). However when the Greeks took over Egypt, the conquerors reduced the use of hieroglyphs and were only used in religious functions since Egyptians viewed their writings as hol compared to Greek alphabets. And with the introduction of Christianity, the use of hieroglyphs was totally eradicated.

Hieroglyphs are proven important because it provides the modern world today an understanding of Egypt’s past, how life was, in addition to the knowledge that the early civilizations have already developed a civilized way to express themselves in writing in the same way that it served as an example of an ancient artwork. Come to think of it, large part of Egypt’s history would remain a mystery if hieroglyphs were not discovered and studied.

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